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Polygon Wallet Suite
The latest news and updates related to Polygon's Suite of dApps
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11 January 2023

What’s been happening?

Over the last few months the Product Apps and Governance Team have been working together to implement the PIP-4 : Validator Performance Management Proposal on PoS Mainnet Staking UI. This is a major addition to the Staking UI product line, in a bid to arrive at a state of further decentralized self-governance where the validators will have to self-regulate network participation to an agreed set of parameters.

Release Highlights

Performance Benchmark Calculation for a Measurem


22 November 2022

In September, we unveiled Polygon Wallet Suite -- a unified platform that enables regular crypto users to safely and efficiently swap, bridge, and manage all of their assets in one place. At the time of launch, users were given the option to continue using the old version. Starting 11/28, all users will be switched to the new version.

We believe that the new UI simplifies the user experience for new and existing users alike. Ultimately, it will help reduce friction and deliver the benefits and in


15 November 2022

In the realm of cryptocurrency, it can be challenging for both novice and seasoned users to make sense of the various concepts and methods. That’s why intuitive user interfaces and well-designed onboarding experiences are essential for helping people get up to speed and effectively navigate the ecosystem.

We're excited to introduce Quest, a Play-2-Earn gamification feature added to the Polygon Wallet Suite that gives users rewards for achieving certain goals. Quest can be a great place for first-


3 November 2022

Attention developers: Polygon will stop supporting Embeddable Widget for PoS Bridge effective Nov. 17. DApp teams who use the PoS Bridge widget should consider finding a third-party replacement, using fast withdrawal bridges or matic.js.


Matic.js is an open-source javascript library for interacting with the Polygon bridge and can also be used to easily create a bridge of your own. The library provides APIs for deposits, withdrawals, transfers, etc. The latest version v3 was released in De


12 September 2022

The Ethereum merge is just days away, and while the core team at Polygon couldn’t be more excited, there are a few important updates Polygon dApp users, stakers, and partners should know.

Security and safety will be pillars in the coming days. During the merge, out of an abundance of caution, the following key protocols will be temporarily paused, until the merge is complete.

The smart contracts associated with these protocols will not be di


1 September 2022

We are excited to unveil Polygon Wallet Suite, a unified platform that enables regular crypto users to safely and efficiently swap, bridge, and manage all of their assets in one place, regardless of where they are stored.

Polygon Wallet Suite was developed through community participation with the ultimate goal of bringing the benefits and incentives of blockchain technology to the Web3 community with minimal friction.

A positive user experience is critical to the widespread adoption of new technol


14 July 2022

Polygon is rolling out a new and improved Staking Service that makes it easy for anyone to earn rewards by becoming a Delegator or setting up a node to help secure the network. The team’s goal was to deliver an enhanced experience to end-users without disrupting the look, feel, or functionality of the original service.

So, what exactly changed? Let’s take a look…

Improved Design & Performance for a Better User Experience

  • The new interface is super fast with a lot of performance improvement. The


24 March 2022

The Polygon team is thankful every day for our community of developers, validators, and users that help our ecosystem grow. Today we’re sharing a few updates to Polygon’s wallet suite that were inspired by feedback and suggestions from our community.

🔥 Mobile Burn, Matic, Burn

A few weeks ago we launched the MATIC burn console, and the good news is it’s now available on mobile with a polished new UI.

Burning MATIC tokens is an amazing way to help contribute to the MATIC ecosystem, and by our estim


Wallet- Web
15 February 2022

This is a community notice to help out users who use the Multichain app. If you haven’t used the app at app.multichain.org, feel free to disregard this.

If you’ve recently used the Multichain app at app.multichain.org to swap tokens, please note that a critical vulnerability has been found on the approval contract. If you’ve approved a swap of any of these six different tokens: WETH, PERI, OMT, WBNB, MATIC, AVAX, please revoke your approvals immediately to protect your tokens from loss.



25 January 2022

The much-anticipated EIP-1559 upgrade is finally here and Polygon’s native token MATIC is now being burned. We have created an interactive dashboard where users can monitor and take part in the process.

Each time a user pays for a transaction, the base fee gets locked on the burn contract on Polygon and the priority fee gets paid to the validator. Once MATIC gets accumulated to the burn contract, users can initiate the burn process from Polygon. 

The burn is a three - step affair, first init


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