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1 September 2022

We are excited to unveil Polygon Wallet Suite, a unified platform that enables regular crypto users to safely and efficiently swap, bridge, and manage all of their assets in one place, regardless of where they are stored.

Polygon Wallet Suite was developed through community participation with the ultimate goal of bringing the benefits and incentives of blockchain technology to the Web3 community with minimal friction.

A positive user experience is critical to the widespread adoption of new technologies. Everyday crypto users expect streamlined experiences, such as seamless onboarding and frictionless interfaces, as well as a level of familiarity comparable to traditional Web2 apps and online services they already use.

Web3 users are currently confronted with a slew of issues, ranging from high fees and slow transaction times to risky workarounds and confusing interfaces. This is a problem Polygon Wallet Suite intends to solve. It will provide users with access to a variety of powerful tools and functions, including:

  • Polygon PoS Bridge: The most popular bridge on Ethereum gives users the ability to bridge their assets from Ethereum to Polygon.

  • Swap & Swap for Gas: Enjoy a safe, accessible, and efficient token exchange and gasless transactions when you swap for gas.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Polygon Wallet Suite offers streamlined on-boarding, in-app support, transparent transactions, and a user-friendly interface.

  • Performance: With the Polygon Wallet Suite, you can get your funds at a fraction of the cost in minutes, not days.

  • Backend Enhancements: Polygon Wallet Suite offers robust indexing services powered by subgraph to achieve accessibility to near-real-time transaction details and deeper bridge layer abstractions to manage your standard or custom token bridging needs seamlessly.

The Polygon Wallet Suite will serve as an entry point to Web3 for newcomers, while existing users will be able to familiarize themselves with this new, unified platform to complete and participate in their daily crypto transactions with ease.

Get started with Polygon Wallet Suite today and tune into our blog for the latest from the team.

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