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11 January 2023

What’s been happening?

Over the last few months the Product Apps and Governance Team have been working together to implement the PIP-4 : Validator Performance Management Proposal on PoS Mainnet Staking UI. This is a major addition to the Staking UI product line, in a bid to arrive at a state of further decentralized self-governance where the validators will have to self-regulate network participation to an agreed set of parameters.

Release Highlights

Performance Benchmark Calculation for a Measurement Period

  • The framework continuously monitors each validator node and calculated Performance Index (% of checkpoints signed) based in last 700 checkpoints on each new checkpoint arrival

  • Based on the set of all validator Performance Indexes, we get a system wide Performance Benchmark, which is roughly the median average of the set. More accurately:

    • Performance Index = % of checkpoints signed by a validator in last 700 checkpoints 

    • Performance Benchmark = Median Average * 0.95 (for the first 2800 checkpoints)

    • Performance Benchmark = Median Average * 0.98 (afterwards)

Identification healthy and non healthy nodes

At each checkpoint, the framework would compare the system’s performance benchmark with each validator’s performance Index and would flag them based on:

  • If PI < PB -> Flagged as Grace Period 1 

  • If PI in GP1 < PB after 700 checkpoints -> Flagged as Grace Period 2

  • If PI in GP2 < PB after 700 checkpoints -> Flagged as Final Notice

  • If PI >= PB at any point -> Marked as Healthy

Notifications to the validators via various channels

The essential goal of this solution is to make more clearly visible critical performance information to the validator. The validators will be notified via below channels:

  • Notification Center (Inbox) in validator login profile: The validators will now see a bell icon, unread notifications count and notification text that includes any state change (Healthy to Grace Period 1/Grace Period 1 to Grace Period 2/Grace Period 2 to Final Notice/Any Flag to Healthy)

  • Discord and Telegram Public Channels: If there is at-least one state change at a checkpoint, the validators will receive notifications in the Discord and Telegram public channels, tagging them.

  • Public Notices Page: There is a new tab that will show all the notifications sent so far from the system. This will enable anyone to see notices sent to any specific validator in the past 


Visual representation of performance status

  • Public Dashboard - now shows additional information - Performance Benchmark of the network and Performance Index for each validator. Tooltip placeholders for redirection to wiki article, where users can see details on the framework

  • Validator login & detail view - addition of Health Status and Performance Index on validator login and view pages

Both places the performance status is also viewed in color codes:

  • Healthy - Green

  • Grace Period 1 - Orange

  • Grace Period 2 - Red

  • Final Notice - Black

Additional Improvements

  • Description in tooltip for all key information and numbers available throughout the product - Total Validators, Total Stakes, Total Rewards Distributed, Bor Block Height, Heimdal Block height, Last Checkpoint, Checkpoint Interval