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12 September 2022

The Ethereum merge is just days away, and while the core team at Polygon couldn’t be more excited, there are a few important updates Polygon dApp users, stakers, and partners should know.

Security and safety will be pillars in the coming days. During the merge, out of an abundance of caution, the following key protocols will be temporarily paused, until the merge is complete.

The smart contracts associated with these protocols will not be disabled. There will not be any network outages affecting smart contracts during the merge. 

After the merge is complete, all user experiences will return to normal.

These precautionary steps have been taken to ensure a seamless transition for users, and protect the assets of the Polygon community.

Want more information? Here’s what different users can expect during the merge.  

Polygon dApp users 

No action is required by dApp users. All funds are safe during the entire process. 

Also note: the Polygon team will NEVER message you for private information. Be on high alert for scams. You can write directly to [email protected] for any doubts or clarifications.  

Ecosystem dApp partners 

Ecosystem partners using the Polygon Bridge smart contract to power their dApps may consider communicating with users how the merge will affect their dAppp. 

The repercussions of transactions initiated during the merge are not certain, so it is best to avoid bridging. Users should be cautious bridging assets during the merge on third party dApps, as well. 

For any other contract deployed on Polygon, nothing changes. 

The Polygon PoS chain will continue to operate as normal. 

Staking users 

Polygon Staking will temporarily be paused during the transition. After the merge is complete, staking will resume as normal.

Ethereum’s transition to proof of stake (PoS) consensus is historic on many accounts. You will continue to benefit from the speed and near-zero gas fees of Polygon, with the security of Ethereum but now 99.95% fewer carbon emissions than before. 

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