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22 November 2022

In September, we unveiled Polygon Wallet Suite -- a unified platform that enables regular crypto users to safely and efficiently swap, bridge, and manage all of their assets in one place. At the time of launch, users were given the option to continue using the old version. Starting 11/28, all users will be switched to the new version.

We believe that the new UI simplifies the user experience for new and existing users alike. Ultimately, it will help reduce friction and deliver the benefits and incentives of blockchain technology to the broader Web3 community. Here are some powerful tools and functions offered by the new design:

  • Polygon PoS Bridge: The most popular bridge on Ethereum gives users the ability to bridge their assets from Ethereum to Polygon.

  • Token Swap: Enjoy a safe, accessible, and efficient token exchange.

  • Swap for Gas: No cost transactions when you swap for gas.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Polygon Wallet Suite offers streamlined on-boarding, in-app support, transparent transactions, and a user-friendly interface.

  • Backend Enhancements: Polygon Wallet Suite offers robust indexing services powered by subgraph to achieve accessibility to near-real-time transaction details and deeper bridge layer abstractions to manage your standard or custom token bridging needs seamlessly.

If you are an existing Polygon Wallet Suite customer, no action is required. The switch to the new and improved UI will happen automatically. Enjoy!