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24 March 2022

The Polygon team is thankful every day for our community of developers, validators, and users that help our ecosystem grow. Today we’re sharing a few updates to Polygon’s wallet suite that were inspired by feedback and suggestions from our community.

🔥 Mobile Burn, Matic, Burn

A few weeks ago we launched the MATIC burn console, and the good news is it’s now available on mobile with a polished new UI.

Burning MATIC tokens is an amazing way to help contribute to the MATIC ecosystem, and by our estimates we may burn around 0.27% of total supply per year:

  1. Deflation: As we grow, more users will burn more and more tokens, making MATIC deflationary and keeping less tokens in the entire ecosystem.

  2. More predictable gas prices: Burns help ensure that gas prices don’t fluctuate as much.

  3. Better offerings for validators and delegators: Deflationary MATIC means more value accrued to the tokens offered to validators and delegators over the long run.

To help contribute to the deflationary Polygon ecosystem, go ahead and burn MATIC on Polygon and don’t forget to complete the follow up step of burning on Ethereum.

📃 Get the Right Tokens With Polygon Token Lists

As the Polygon ecosystem has grown, so have the number of ERC-20 tokens usable across the protocol, whether you’re using them in games, or DeFi apps or investing in an up and coming project. To ensure users have better access to legitimate tokens and to give token creators a way to get in front of those users, we’re introducing Polygon Token Lists.

To use one of the new lists while using the Polygon Bridge, when selecting a token, simply click the Manage Token Lists button at the top of the list. Then choose the token list(s) you want to select from:

You'll be able to read all about this new change on an upcoming blog post.

🌉 See your deposits and withdrawals on the Bridge

There’s never been more people bridging their assets to Polygon - in fact Polygon’s Bridge was recently the 3rd most used dApp on Ethereum.

That’s a lot of transactions, and that’s why we’ve added the new deposits and withdrawals pages in the Bridge Explorer to help you see your transactions in a clearer, easy to use interface.

🔍 A few tweaks for Validators

After community feedback, we’ve made a few updates to help validators get the info they need faster. You’ll now see:

  • Node and missed checkpoint status: When validators need get an update on a node’s status, including it’s online/offline status and checkpoints missed, they can now just glance at this new section. It will help make sure validators can quickly get up to speed on any issues.

  • Unbond alert: This helps validators monitor how frequently delegators are doing unbonds for their node.

  • Sort stake by descending by default: Validators can now see the validators with the highest stake at the top, rather than scrolling to the bottom.