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15 February 2022

This is a community notice to help out users who use the Multichain app. If you haven’t used the app at app.multichain.org, feel free to disregard this.

If you’ve recently used the Multichain app at app.multichain.org to swap tokens, please note that a critical vulnerability has been found on the approval contract. If you’ve approved a swap of any of these six different tokens: WETH, PERI, OMT, WBNB, MATIC, AVAX, please revoke your approvals immediately to protect your tokens from loss.

Specifically, the team at Multichain discovered a vulnerability in their “anyswaprouter4” contract that can be exploited for a loss of your tokens. The only way to safeguard your tokens is by revoking your approvals, after which you can once again provide a new approval to the updated contract.

For complete instructions and more details on the vulnerability, head to the Multichain blog.