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15 November 2022

In the realm of cryptocurrency, it can be challenging for both novice and seasoned users to make sense of the various concepts and methods. That’s why intuitive user interfaces and well-designed onboarding experiences are essential for helping people get up to speed and effectively navigate the ecosystem.

We're excited to introduce Quest, a Play-2-Earn gamification feature added to the Polygon Wallet Suite that gives users rewards for achieving certain goals. Quest can be a great place for first-time Polygon users to start learning about the platform and all the amazing things it has to offer.

There will be a wide variety of Quests available to users based on a number of criteria.

The initial release will allow new and experienced Polygon users to earn rewards for completing a single task. As this feature develops, so too will the range of tasks that users will be asked to carry out.

Quest is an extension of the Wallet Suite platform that helps users make the most of their interactions within the Polygon ecosystem to enhance their overall experience.

Our goal is to promote a culture of "play to earn" on Polygon in order to better serve our users and contribute to their educational experiences. Using Quest, newcomers to the Polygon ecosystem can learn about the various options available to them.

As you set off on your own quest in Web3, make sure to bring Polygon Wallet  along and tune in to the Polygon Blog for the latest ecosystem updates.

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