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15 December 2021

Far gone is the time when you had to scroll through multiple DEXs to swap. We present the perfect solution for all your swapping needs and assure the best rates. Welcome Polygon Token Swap, your one-stop solution to swap almost any tokens on Polygon!

The Polygon Token Swap is a new feature within the Polygon Wallet that allows you to exchange different token types internally. Powered by the incredible 0x api, we take on the heavy lifting to fetch best rates in the market so that you get the most from each swap. 

With a simple and proven interface, the Polygon Token Swap works similar to all the current DEXs that you are familiar with, aggregating the best prices. You can access Polygon Token Swap from Polygon Wallet via any desktop internet browser or your mobile device. Here’s how:

1. Login to your Polygon Wallet.

2. Navigate to the Sidebar and click on the option "Token swap" to access the Polygon Token Swap feature.

3. From the drop-down list, select both the token that you wish to swap and the token that you want to receive in exchange. In this illustration, we are swapping USDC for DAI.

4. Click on"Approve" to grant the necessary permission to Metamask to access your funds and process the transaction.

5.  After approval is successful,"Review Swap" will be active.

6. Click "Review Swap" to get all your swapping transaction details.

7. Simply "Swap" to confirm your transaction and all the swapping details are correct.

8. Congratulations! you have successfully swapped the tokens. Click "View on Polygon" to track your transaction status.

Voila, you have your tokens swapped in a jiffy.